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"Really useful, it enthused me to get going on a bunch of things to get my business growing again. This was exactly what I needed right now."
Thomas Parslow
Founder, Buzzshot

"I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and respectful and welcoming everyone was. No-one talked over me. In fact, I felt so relaxed and confident I jumped in to answer questions because I’m used to not getting a chance to speak."

Rifa Thorpe-Tracy
Founder, Refigure

"It’s given me a renewed enthusiasm, and confidence to start building my business towards becoming a product company. Which is priceless. Really happy I made the decision to sign up! Looking forward to sharing my progress!"

Tom Christie
Founder, Encode & Django REST framework

"Just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done for Propellernet since we first kicked off our product development journey back in 2013. Shaping and guiding the team, building confidence, developing skills and bringing brilliant people onto the team. What you’ve achieved is nothing short of remarkable. re-Markwell-able."

Jack Hubbard
Cofounder & CEO, Propellernet

"We've been in the software as a service business for over 10 years and Jonathan introduced us to a wealth of valuable opportunities we hadn't previously spotted. It was refreshing to get perspective from someone who genuinely understands how things work at the intersection of business and technology"

Rebecca Kimber

"Jonathan recommended a change to our website that took 10 minutes to implement and resulted in over 4,000 additional downloads of our Android application within a few days. Great breadth of knowledge and ideas."

James Robinson
Cofounder, OpenSignal

“Jon helped us take a tool we’d hacked together for some of our consulting clients and turn it into a working SaaS product. Jon’s advice and practical guidance continues to be invaluable at every stage. We didn’t have a clue how to even start before we met Jon."

Steve Rabson Stark
Director, Then Somehow

Jonathan's the first person who comes to mind whenever there's a software business to be built. He was a mastermind in bringing both CoverageBook and AnswerThePublic to life. There is nothing that he doesn't know about product.